Our vision is for every refugee in the UK to be welcomed by their local church

At the end of 2018 there were approximately 157,000 refugees and asylum seekers living in the UK (UNHCR, 2018).

If every church welcomed three people seeking refuge to their community then we could easily see our vision become a reality! No matter where your church is, there is something that you can do to welcome refugees and asylum seekers into your community.

Whether your church is big or small, old or young, urban or rural, traditional or contemporary, there IS something you can do to join with our vision. No matter how refugees are arriving in your area, we want to help you to be a welcoming community for them.

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Meet the team


Emily oversees our operations and church training. She has a wealth of experience in supporting churches who are welcoming refugees and is involved in welcoming asylum seekers in her local church in Nottingham. Emily is passionate about seeing the UK Church being at the forefront of welcoming refugees. She has an MA in Conflict, Development and Security where she specialised in European citizens’ responsibilities to refugees.


Sue is based in High Wycombe and is our South Coordinator. Sue has lived and worked in the Middle East for around 24 years where she was involved in cross-cultural ministry, and in leading and mentoring team members and writing resources. She is an Arabic speaker and is thrilled to be continuing her Arab world life here in the UK. Since coming back to the UK, Sue has worked with asylum seekers and refugees in a variety of contexts including: coordinating a VPRS (Syrian resettlement) scheme, a Community Sponsorship resettlement scheme run by local churches and a community-based refugee partnership.


Jonathan is our Network Officer, providing support to our network of churches around the UK. He has more than 25 years of cross-cultural experience, including living in Afghanistan, where he learnt the Persian language and culture, and Pakistan. Since returning to the UK, Jonathan has been working with a large group of asylum seekers and refugees at his church in Derby, including Afghans, Iranians and Iraqi Kurds amongst others.


Ali is our Integration Officer, providing support to churches on refugee integration into the community. He has 18 years of experience with the United Nations Agencies and other International Organisations in Afghanistan. He has been helping Afghan refugees, and others, since his arrival in the UK in 2018.


Mark Mumford


Mark’s leadership and pastoral experience has extended over four decades, particularly through leading East Midlands Christian Fellowships for over 30 years. The church has developed and grown over those years from small beginnings, to a church that is based in several locations around the East Midlands, including Community Church Derby. Mark also leads a team that oversees a number of other churches around the UK, as part of the wider family of Salt and Light Ministries. Mark has a passion for the church to become more influential and for it to demonstrate good news and hope to a divided and troubled world. He also loves to see people fulfilling their true potential in God!

Patrick Johnstone

Patrick served for 16 years in in Southern Africa as a missionary, and then 32 years as part of the leadership team of WEC International. He an author having written a number of books including Operation World, The Future of the Global Church and Serving God in a Migrant Crisis. He is in active retirement living in Derby with his wife, Robyn.

Marion Knell

Having worked in the area of Member care at a European and global level and instituted an MA in the subject, Marion now consults with Refugee Highway Partnership on care for refugees and refugee workers and leads trauma response for the EEA. Marion has developed courses for churches on working with traumatised refugees and sustaining refugee workers. She is an international speaker on Staff Care and works with an international relocation company as an intercultural trainer. She has written two books, ‘Families on the Move’ and ‘Burn-up or Splashdown – the survival guide to re-entry’.

Dan Lane

Dan is Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Christians Against Poverty, where he has worked since 2007. In that time he has directly supported Debt-Help Clients, led teams, over-seen the roll out of new services and most recently led CAP’s fundraising and marketing.

He is passionate about seeing local churches provide hope to people struggling under the crushing weight of poverty. Outside of work, Dan has worked on a number of charitable boards, is a regular attendee of his church, enjoys travel and is a bit of a foodie.