Vision & Values

What Welcome Churches believes in


Christians are called to love and welcome the stranger, whatever their cultural background. Every church has the privilege and opportunity to welcome and care for refugees and asylum seekers in some way.


Refugees are resilient and creative. We want refugees to grow in their gifting and leadership and churches to benefit from their unique contribution.

Building Community

Churches are well placed to provide community and care for those who have lost homes and family and are recovering from trauma.


We value relationships with other organisations, networks and individuals. We help churches connect relationally with partners in their own communities to provide integrated support for refugees.

Religious Freedom

Refugees arriving in the UK should have the freedom and right to explore faith without fear of intimidation or persecution. Churches should be well equipped to help them.


The Church should be at the forefront of challenging injustices faced by refugees and asylum seekers and fear and prejudice within our wider communities.


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