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Responding to the crisis in Ukraine

By 24th February 2022No Comments

Responding to the crisis in Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine from Russia is deeply concerning for Ukraine, for Europe and for the world. Once again, we face uncertainty from another global crisis which has the potential to impact all of our daily lives. Welcome Churches is joining God’s Church across the world in praying for Ukraine.

We pray for peace, for a de-escalation of the crisis and for a different solution to war. We pray for God to bless peacemakers, to bring peacemakers together and for creative, sustainable solutions to be found.

We pray for the people of Ukraine. The uncertainty they face is the biggest – as they make difficult decisions of whether to stay in their homes or to leave. To move to a different part of the country or to flee Ukraine altogether. To leave loved ones behind, or to stay with them. To send some of the family to safety, if they can’t manage to send everyone to safety. Many of the decisions families will have to make are unimaginable. We pray for them.

We pray for God’s Church around the world. We ask for God’s grace for each of us, to know what He is asking of us. To hear how God is calling each of us to offer hospitality and welcome to the stranger when we hear of wars and rumours of wars across the world. To show empathy to all who have fled war, conflict and persecution. To welcome them into our communities and our lives. Show us Lord who you want me to show welcome and hospitality to today.

We pray for all refugees. For those displaced by war and violence across the world. We pray for them to have the freedom to rebuild their lives in peace. We pray for those living in temporary accommodation – in refugee camps or other housing. We pray for those seeking refuge in the UK – isolated and stuck in temporary housing or hotels with no end in sight. We pray for the opportunity for them to settle down and live in freedom again.

Welcome Churches exists to see every refugee in the UK welcomed by the local church. We are getting ready to help the UK Church to respond, should refugees from Ukraine begin to arrive in the UK. If this happens, it will likely be at very short notice, without any forewarning of whereabouts in the UK they will be housed. Join our Welcome Network today so that we can get in touch with your church, should we hear of refugees arriving in your local area in need of a Welcome.

By Emily Holden, Joint CEO Welcome Churches

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