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Tips and useful resources to support Ukrainians in your church

By 21st July 2022No Comments
Supporting Ukrainians UK Church

Recently, a group of Welcome Network Churches attended our Ukraine Welcome Connect meeting, to discuss and share tips on how they have been supporting Ukrainians in their communities.  We have compiled a list of some of the suggestions to help your church welcome Ukrainian neighbours. Join us again on Thursday 11th August from 12 noon – 1pm on Zoom to share more ideas, we hope to see you there. You can register here:

  1. Set up Whatsapp groups for hosts, where prayer and practical needs requests can be posted amongst your church community
  2. Translate elements of a church service by either providing a print-out or using slides with translated text.
  3. Provide opportunities for Ukrainians and their hosts to socialise. Churches talked about how beneficial it was both for Ukrainians to have a chance to chat, support each other, and to find out what’s available in the local community. The wider community can be involved in serving food and drinks, chatting and getting to know people, which can be a great way to meet hosts from different localities outside of the church community.
  4. Host-to-host support can also develop across local communities, both within and outside church communities. Consider how to support Ukrainians in accessing English classes, and how this can be followed up. One church described running a Conversation Cafe; another described providing Ukrainian lessons too for hosts!
  5. Invite other agencies to social events – e.g. the Job Centre, local council, a hairdresser/ barber. Churches reported Ukrainians being shocked at the price of a haircut, so consider approaching local salons to ask if they can offer discount hair-cuts.
  6. There are lots of useful resources available! Some mentioned were: translation apps such as Google Translate  and SayHiSanctuary Foundation ; Ukrainian and Russian Scriptures – Bible Society; Ukrainian Christian Resources. Ask your Ukrainian families what they are accessing online too, that they find helpful, and share this information.
  7. Above all, be patient – whatever you are doing may start small, but it will grow. Don’t underestimate the impact of what may seem like mundane physical acts.


Would you like to hear more from other churches on the Welcome Network who are supporting Ukrainians, or would like to share about how your church has been involved with supporting newly arrived Ukrainians? Join our Ukraine Welcome Connect meeting on Thursday 11th August, from 12-1pm on Zoom. Register here for free

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