Afghan Welcome

Welcome Churches are part of a coalition of charities and civil society groups working together with the UK Home Office to offer Afghan refugees the support they need to start a new life in the UK.  Welcome Churches is working with churches across the country to provide wrap-around support to Afghan families and individuals living in bridging hotels and as they settle into new communities.

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Afghan Welcome Overview

As part of the Afghan Welcome initiative, Welcome Churches is working to:

  • Connect newly-arrived Afghans, and other refugees, into local communities, ensuring that they receive a good welcome when they arrive.
  • Ensure that Afghan families arriving across the UK have access to services and support to help them integrate and adjust into a new community.
  • Provide support for Afghan families and other refugees who have suffered through tremendous trauma, loss and grief helping to support mental health and well-being
  • Provide training to local churches to ensure a good, cross-cultural welcome is given to newly-arrived Afghan families and other refugees.
  • Provide direct, hands-on training to Afghan arrivals to gain online access to help them find the support and services that they need for independence. 

Local churches should be at the forefront of a welcoming and inclusive society. Welcoming new neighbours from across the world, especially when they are in need, is part of the biblical mandate Christians have to welcome the stranger. Welcome Churches has the experience and expertise to provide support and training to the local church. Together we can help to ensure the long-term integration of Afghan families into the UK.  

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