Give to help refugees in the South of England find their Welcome!

The Need

The Welcome Churches team includes a dedicated Coordinator to specifically support churches in London, the south east and the south west to welcome refugees and those seeking asylum into their communities.

Many nationalities of people are seeking asylum and being accommodated in these regions; many Afghan families are still in bridging hotels and many more are being resettled into communities. Many Ukrainians are also arriving, being hosted or living with family members. There is an urgent need for the church to continue to respond in welcoming all those seeking safety. Welcome Churches trains and equips local churches to respond to these needs in their location, and actively support you as you do so.

Local churches are excellently placed to ensure that those seeking refuge are welcomed into the community. The Coordinator for the south of England seeks to strengthen ties and relationships with churches, allowing for increased opportunities for training and collaboration. They also partner with other organisations to deliver key support and to promote the churches in our Welcome Network so that people needing a Welcome will receive one through a local church. This key role ensures we can meet the needs of churches and provide the support needed to assist the integration of refugees and asylum seekers. Ultimately, we are seeking to achieve our aim for all refugees to be welcomed by the local Church.
Your donations will make a direct contribution to establishing and maintaining this essential role and work, seeking to ensure that all refugees in the south of England are able to find their Welcome.

Donations will be used to support the work of our south of England Coordinator and their work. In the future, we would like to recruit separate Coordinators for London, for the south east and the south west. Your donations will also help us to do this and to provide more dedicated specific support for these areas.

Total donations to date

Target: £20,000

£8640 / £20,000