Our new and expanded Resource Hubs for our Welcome Network churches

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What’s in the Resource Hubs?

Wellbeing and Trauma Hub

Training videos and resources in English to help you and your church grow in your awareness of trauma and its impact on the lives of many refugees and people seeking asylum. Learn to support your Neighbours better, and support each other as you support your Neighbours.

Videos in English, Farsi, Arabic and Spanish to share or watch with your Neighbours about stress, trauma, looking after yourself and finding support.

Legal Hub

Resources and advice to help care for your Neighbours, especially those who are still going through the asylum legal process.

Refugees Online Hub

Resources to help you think through how to help refugees who need support with phones or data.

Refer a refugee for FREE digital help in their own language.

Discipleship Hub

Resources to help explain the Christian faith to your Neighbours and integrate Neighbours into the life of the church family.

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