Online training

Free, online training sessions to equip your church as you serve refugees.

All our training will be conducted via Zoom video link. The Welcome Churches team will be in touch with the details of the call.

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Online training

Each session will be run twice – in the daytime and the evening – to allow as many people as possible to attend. The content will be the same in both sessions.

Welcome to the Word – Foundations: Discipleship training tool. Tuesday 20th October: 1-2pm

Where do you start if refugees and asylum seekers arrive at your church, who know nothing about the Bible at all? The ‘Welcome to the Word – Foundations’ course is a six session course designed for people who want to find out more about the Christian faith and are brand new to the Bible. It uses a Discovery Bible Study approach for use with refugees coming from other religious backgrounds. No prior knowledge or church contact is assumed. Sign up for 20th October to find out more.

Trauma training series: November 2020

Trauma-awareness in refugees: Tuesday 3rd November: 1-2pm, Wednesday 4th November: 7-8pm

Many of the people we meet in our church refugee work have experienced significant trauma which continues to affect their daily lives. Join us to learn what we mean by ‘trauma’ and how the emotional challenges of leaving their homeland, living in transition, and resettling in a new country impact the day-to-day lives of refugees in the UK.

Caring for yourselves and others working with refugees: Tuesday 10th November: 1-2pm, Wednesday 11th November: 7-8pm

This online training will look at the stresses we sometimes face when welcoming and supporting refugees in a variety of ways. We will also reflect on how we cope with stress and the practical ways we can look after ourselves and those that work alongside us in supporting refugees. We will then consider what we can do to support those in our churches who are involved in refugee work.

Looking after myself – for refugees: Tuesday 17th November: 1-2pm, Wednesday 18th November: 7-8pm.

Are you from a refugee-background and trying to rebuild your life in the UK? Do you find that you sometimes struggle with feeling low, or remembering the difficult things that have happened in your life or back in your home country? It’s ok, this is very normal! Join us to discuss what trauma is and the impact it can have on your day-to-day life. Whilst this session will be taught from a Christian perspective anyone from any faith is welcome to attend. We recommend coming to this training in pairs – with one person coming to support the refugee who wants to attend.

Online groups for refugees in churches

Equipping and empowering refugees to engage with their local church. Please click here for more information and encourage refugees you know in your church to sign up and join in.