Hong Kong Ready Churches

The UKHK project, founded by Dr Krish Kandiah, is run by Welcome Churches in collaboration with the Chinese Overseas Christian Mission, Upbeat Communities, and other partner charities set up to welcome newly-arrived Hong Kongers.

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UKHK Overview

UKHK has been set up to help welcome the hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers expected to arrive in the UK in the next few years, with 130,000 expected to arrive in 2021 alone. This includes enabling UK churches to welcome Hong Kongers in their communities through the Hong Kong Ready Churches network, providing information and support to Hong Kongers arriving in the UK, and encouraging government and civil society more broadly to welcome new arrivals.

Whilst we recognise that those who are arriving in the UK from Hong Kong aren’t coming as refugees, we know that it is still important that they receive a good welcome when they arrive. And what better place to get that welcome than from the local church! It is our hope and prayer that by doing a good job of welcoming people arriving from Hong Kong this could then help shape the wider immigration narrative in the UK – particularly the conversation about how we treat asylum seekers in this country.

There are currently around 700 churches that have joined the UKHK Network and are ready to welcome Hong Kongers today.  To find out more and to register your church visit our website today ukhk.org/church