Welcome Boxes

Get equipped to proactively welcome refugees and asylum seekers arriving in your community.

Is your church in an area with lots of asylum seekers and refugees?

Welcome Boxes is an excellent way for newly-arrived asylum seekers and refugees to meet people from your church and find their way around the local area. Send your trained volunteers to deliver a box filled with small gifts and local information to refugees who have recently arrived in your area and give a warm welcome to them. Your volunteers will continue to welcome the family or individual over the next three months or so, helping them access support available to them and linking them into your community.

Our Welcome Boxes project gives you all of the resources and online referral and feedback systems you need to manage an effective project, enabling you to successfully welcome those seeking refuge in your community. Churches running Welcome Boxes are also automatically included in the Welcome Network, enabling other churches across the country to refer refugees they know to you when they move to your local area.

Welcome Boxes is so much more than a box!
Your church can get fully equipped to welcome refugees in 3 simple steps:

2. Get a Coordinator trained

3. Get volunteer Welcomers trained

Coordinator training

We will train you in the UK system for asylum seekers and refugees; and how to connect with people arriving in your area. We will cover how to build partnerships with other organisations in your area to promote Welcome Boxes so that asylum seekers can be referred to you. Our training includes all of the paperwork, safeguarding and data protection information you will need in order to set up the project in your church. We will give you advice about how to recruit a team of Welcomers and how to lead and look after your team.

Upcoming Coordinator training will be happening via Zoom video call on the following dates:

Wednesday 19 January                9:30am – 1pm
Tuesday 15 February                     9:30am – 1pm
Thursday 17 March                         9:30am – 1pm
Wednesday 27 April                       9:30am – 1pm

Get in touch to find out more.

Welcomer training

Our Welcomer Training will equip your team of volunteer Welcomers in understanding the role of a Welcomer and what becoming a Welcome Church looks like. We will train you to carry out Welcome Boxes visits; being aware of cross-cultural issues and ways to communicate without a shared language when necessary. It involves role plays around the Welcome Boxes visit and how to follow up on an initial visit; and how to offer to pray for your new neighbours. We also explain about setting boundaries and adhering to good practice and safeguarding guidelines.

Welcomer training normally takes place during a week-day evening 1-2 months after the Coordinator training. We run this on a bespoke basis for each church.

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