As the disaster in Afghanistan unfolds, hundreds of Afghans and their families are being evacuated to the U.K. and are in need of assistance.

The Welcome Churches Emergency Afghan Fund is calling for donations to help offer local support to the new arrivals.

Those being evacuated are Afghan interpreters and support staff who have risked their lives in support of British troops; they and their immediate family members have been flown to safety in the U.K. just as the Taliban entered Kabul.

The U.K. government has responded to the plight of these Afghan allies by offering them refuge. Many have arrived without adequate clothing or basic possessions such as pushchairs or mobile phones. They have been separated from their extended family, many of whom are still in Afghanistan.

Of those who have been relocated here, many are large families (often with up to six children) and are being housed in temporary accommodation with families split into different rooms and no place to cook or prepare food. The majority of those arriving cannot speak English but want to learn the language and some (including small children) are arriving wounded and traumatised. It is impossible to imagine the feelings of loss, fear and isolation that these families are experiencing at this time as they face a future full of questions and uncertainty.

Due to a chronic shortage of appropriate social housing, families are expected to face many months in temporary accommodation and challenges with accessing employment and education.  Local initiatives are being launched to offer practical support with local churches providing warm clothing, shoes, toys and baby essentials, as well as helping the new arrivals access urgent healthcare and dentistry.

Your money will be used to:

Connect newly-arrived Afghans, and other refugees, into local communities, ensuring that they receive a good welcome when they arrive.

Ensure that Afghan families arriving across the UK have access to services and support to help them integrate and adjust into a new community.

Provide support for Afghan families and other refugees who have suffered through tremendous trauma, loss and grief helping to support mental health and well-being.

Provide training to local churches to ensure a good, cross-cultural welcome is given to newly-arrived Afghan families and other refugees.

Provide direct, hands-on training to Afghan arrivals to gain online access to help them find the support and services that they need for independence.

Welcome Churches
Emergency Afghan Fund

Thank you for standing with us to see No Refugee Alone.

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