Supporting World Mission in your Community

God is shaking up the UK church – there is a challenge before us.  Like never before, He is bringing the nations to the UK. He is placing people before us as a Church in ways we could not have imagined in the past.  In the past mission was for missionaries but now the world is coming into our local areas and our local churches and many of us are sensing God’s work in us to respond and to grow in our understanding of mission, of Biblical Welcome and of our own personal response.

We know that Afghanistan and Ukraine will not be the last crises and emergency refugee responses.  The journey of recovery from trauma, to feeling safe and having friends who welcome refugees into a new society and community can take years.  At Welcome Churches, we will continue to respond to crises, but we will also be there for the long-term needs of refugees and people seeking asylum as they seek to rebuild their lives. We will be there Beyond the Crisis to support those who continue to arrive from Iraq, Syria, Eritrea and other nations. Whilst not technically refugees, significant numbers from Hong Kong continue to arrive in the UK too. Our churches have the opportunity and responsibility to welcome all these people! This is the new face of world mission.

Welcome Churches has a multi-cultural team made up of numerous nationalities with 11 languages spoken by various team members and over 50 years of combined cross-cultural missions experience. This enables us to develop culturally appropriate, trauma aware and relevant training and resources that we can share with you, the UK Church, as you explore the real needs of mission on your doorstep.

Next Steps

If your church is not yet part of the Welcome Network, join today to access resources that will help support your local mission. Check out our events page for the latest training opportunities and follow us on social media to keep up with all that is happening.

Please consider taking a collection or setting up a regular donation to Welcome Churches as part of your giving to mission.  For bank details or to discuss other ways to donate, please email or call 01332 498041