Supporting Refugees Beyond the Crisis

Unfortunately, we know that Ukraine will not be the last crisis and emergency refugee response.

This is the third mass migration to the UK in the past 12 months alone, and we are proud that the UK church is willing to welcome the stranger with open arms.  Welcome Churches continues to work with over 750 churches across the country to offer a welcome to around 100,000 Hong Kongers, 20,000 Afghans, 20,000 Syrians and many others who seek sanctuary and safety here.  

We are continuing to support, train and equip the UK Church to provide a culturally sensitive, compassionate and warm Welcome to all refugees and people seeking asylum.

The journey of a refugee does not end when they arrive in this country.  The journey of recovery from trauma, to feeling safe, secure, loved and welcome into a new society and community can take months if not years.  With our help, the Church provides an ongoing Welcome of loving care and support. 

A gift of just £1 per day or £28 per month could help to provide a vital Welcome to refugees, including those fleeing Ukraine.  Your generosity makes a lasting difference to those who have lost everything and are seeking to rebuild their lives.

Please donate today.

Your generosity provides a welcome by ensuring that local churches are:

  • Equipped with culturally appropriate training to offer support to new neighbours including translated resources and services
  • Aware of the different faith and cultures of refugees and understanding of the complexities of offering a welcome to Christian refugees who may practise their faith in different ways
  • Able to provide understanding support for those who have experienced loss and trauma including leaving family behind.
  • Equipped to offer compassionate hospitality whether refugees are placed in hotels or directly into local communities.

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