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Training for refugees in churches

Equipping and empowering refugees to engage with their local church.

Discussion in Farsi: Sharing your faith

Are you an asylum seeker or refugee in the UK? Are you a follower of Jesus Christ who is passionate to share the Good News of the Gospel with others? Do you want to learn how to get better at sharing your faith?

Join us for the next Farsi Zoom call to discuss how we can share our faith in Jesus with others. We look forward to seeing you and exchanging ideas and experiences with other brothers and sisters from refugee backgrounds who will be joining us from around the UK.

Date and Time: 13 August 2020, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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Churches in the UK

What you can expect

Churches are places where Christians (followers of Jesus Christ) meet together and welcome and support people from all sorts of different backgrounds. Churches in the UK will vary in style, traditions and activities. Therefore, you might find that two churches look very different to each other!

You can expect churches in the UK to:

  • Meet together on a Sunday to worship, pray and learn more about following Jesus.
  • Meet at other points in the week in smaller groups for different activities. Every church is different but these can include:
    • reading the bible and praying together
    • social activities (for example: mums and toddlers groups, community cafes)
    • groups where people are cared for and looked after (for example: a foodbank)
    • going round to each other’s houses and eating together

You don’t have to be a follower of Jesus to join in with a church community, everyone is welcome!

Find a church near you on the map above and see what activities they have on offer to help you to make friends and find family.