Asghar hasn’t seen his two sons in over a year. They were Together One Day and separated the next. After becoming a Christian, Asghar fled his home country with no choice but to leave his wife and two sons, aged six and nine, behind.

Asghar arrived in the UK with nothing, and knowing no-one. He received a Welcome Box from Grace Church, Bolton and has become part of the community, receiving love and support.  This was made possible thanks to your generosity. Your selfless giving helps Welcome Churches connect refugees like Asghar with churches across the UK.

Asghar prays that he and his sons will again be Together One Day. The church community has welcomed him, supported him, cared for him and made sure that he is not alone at this time. Asghar shares how the church community has become like brothers and sisters to him.  Together they will come through these challenging times.

Welcome Churches trains and equips churches to reach out to refugees and asylum seekers in their communities.  The past six months alone have seen over 300 refugees and asylum seekers welcomed by churches in our Welcome Network. This would not have been possible without the incredible support we receive from generous givers like you. It costs about £50 to connect one refugee with their local church. Welcome Churches also provide practical, hands-on training to refugees and asylum seekers, helping them to navigate a new culture and develop new skills.  Asylum seekers like Asghar can thrive when given the support to access services and information that can help them live independently in the UK.

Your support is needed now more than ever

On 23rd March 2021, the UK Government published a New Plan for Immigration.  Under these proposals, people like Asghar will be criminalised if they travel to the UK seeking refuge– they will never be granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK and will be denied the right to reunite with their family. They will live a life of uncertainty, unable to build a new, safe life for themselves and unable to return to their home country.  Welcome Churches are mobilising the UK Church to respond to the government’s New Plan for Immigration and let them know that we want an asylum system built on the values of dignity, welcome and protection for the future. Your generous financial support shows that Christians in the UK care deeply about what happens to asylum seekers in this country. Can you give to help show refugees and asylum seekers that the UK Church is there for them?

We are praying that Asghar and his sons will, once again, be Together One Day.  Please join with us in the fight to enable more refugees and asylum seekers to be Together One Day too.

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