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Thank you for your interest in joining the Welcome Churches network. We are so pleased that you want to welcome refugees and asylum seekers.

In order to join the Welcome Network church network, please complete the form below. To fill in this form, you will need the contact details (name, phone and email address) of the following people in your church:
  • The designated Coordinator for the church:
  • The Church Leader
  • Data Protection Officer
We hope to be able to connect a refugee or asylum seeker with your church soon!

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As part of the Welcome Network registration, we require the agreement of a Church Leader, the Data Protection Coordinator and the Welcome Network Coordinator who will be the main point of contact.  We know that this may be different people or that one person may fulfil all of these roles.  Please select all the roles that apply to you.
Welcome Network is managed by Welcome Churches. Your data will be held and processed within Welcome Churches and will follow their data protection policy. You can see more about how they will process your data at our privacy policy.

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Please do not use the same email address more than once

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Last Step: Welcome Agreement

A good welcome includes:
  • Meeting the person as soon as they arrive in the local community - ideally within the first week of their arrival.
  • Meeting up socially with the person.
  • Inviting the person to join in with community activities that the church runs.
  • Showing the person around the local community.
  • Introducing the person to more people living in the local area. The more people they meet, the more they can choose for themselves where they want to belong in the local community.
Join the UKHK Network
UKHK Network
Welcome Churches also provides the UKHK Network, a network of churches that are Hong Kong Ready and are offering a welcome to the thousands of those arriving in the UK from Hong Kong.  We recognise that those who are arriving in the UK from Hong Kong aren’t coming as refugees, but we know that it is still important that they receive a good welcome when they arrive. And what better place to get that welcome than from the local church! 
Coordinator Information
Find out more about Welcome Boxes
Welcome Boxes
Welcome Boxes is an excellent way for newly-arrived asylum seekers and refugees to meet people from your church and find their way around the local area. Send your trained volunteers to deliver a box filled with small gifts and local information to refugees who have recently arrived in your area and give a warm welcome to them. Our Welcome Boxes project gives you all of the training, resources and online referral and feedback systems you need to manage an effective project, enabling you to successfully welcome those seeking refuge in your community.
Thank you. We will contact you with some further information about running Welcome Boxes