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Learning to Lead: Understanding leadership in UK churches; a course for refugees

By 5th February 2021November 5th, 2021No Comments

Welcome Churches is running a brand new short course for refugees. The one-and-a-half-hour sessions will run weekly for five weeks on Wednesdays from 10 am to 11.30 am on Zoom starting Wednesday 24th February.

Deadline for applications: Tuesday 23rd February.

Many refugees and asylum seekers coming to the UK choose to join a local church. Some of them came to faith in their home countries or during their journey to the UK, others have come to faith since being in the UK. Many UK churches are keen to fully integrate believers from refugee backgrounds into their churches and develop their church life in a way that every tribe and nation is included.

Developing leaders from among the refugee community means that newly-emerging refugee leaders can also facilitate the process of refugee integration into local churches and the community. This training is designed for refugees who want to discover and develop their potential of leadership within a UK church context, learn about servant leadership and, under the leadership of their local church, have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to their church life.  

Sessions Outline:

Wednesday 24 February: Introduction to Leadership – including leadership in the refugees’ own culture and an introduction to Christian leadership in the church

Wednesday 3 March: Jesus’ Leadership Style – servant leadership, looking at Bible passages and verses

Wednesday 10 March: Understanding British Churches – a brief overview of the main UK church denominations, styles and leadership models. Cross-cultural challenges in UK church settings, introduction to serving in the church

Wednesday 17 March: Growing in Your Christian Life – growing your faith, devotional life, prayer, integrity, servanthood.  

Wednesday 23 March: The Way Forward – being willing to serve, serving in existing teams in churches, leading groups of your own culture in the church.

Criteria for nomination:

  • Be a refugee or asylum seeker*
  • Listening and spoken English to enable participation in English;
  • Applicants can be signed up by someone in their church who knows them or can sign themselves up, giving the name of someone in their church who can give an informal reference for them. 

* If an asylum seeker moves location, away from their church, during the course, they are welcome to continue the course despite being in a new location and perhaps without a local church link.

Click here to signup.

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