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National Refugee Prayer Hour

By 29th June 2020August 13th, 2020No Comments

On 20th June, World Refugee Day, 96 Christians from across the UK joined together online to pray with and for refugees and asylum seekers arriving in the UK. We were so encouraged by the hour that we wanted to share it with you too! Below are some of the items that we prayed for. We had people from different countries sharing about the different situations that refugees find themselves in and people from many church backgrounds praying for God’s blessing on those seeking refuge in the UK and across the world.

A word of encouragement that was shared for refugees:

I see YOU and hear YOU
I know what YOU are going through.
I WILL bring YOU through… God is inviting YOU to take HIS MIGHTY right hand.
YOUR life has meaning and purpose, not a day goes by when I AM not in control.
I will heal YOU in the parts I know you need it the most.
Call on ME all those who are heavy burdened, and I WILL give YOU rest.
GOD is inviting YOU to share in HIS purposes for YOUR life.

Praying for those coming to the UK and seeking asylum

  1. For those fleeing their country: protection and deliverance from danger and exploitation.
  2. For children who desperately need someone to look after them, safety, education and hope.
  3. For the current hostile environment policies and culture of disbelief towards asylum seekers in the UK to be replaced with a just and compassionate system.
  4. For the lives of those in the UK asylum system.

Praying for those facing destitution and detention

  1. That those in our churches and communities experiencing destitution would be able to access basic essentials and ongoing support during the pandemic.
  2. That churches will be able to find ways of offering practical, emotional and spiritual support to those in destitution and detention.
  3. That the UK government will show compassion by ensuring that now and in future no one is left destitute or unjustly detained.

Praying for those trying to rebuild their life in the UK

  1. For families to be reunited quickly after a positive decision
  2. For immediate needs including work, a permanent home and education.
  3. To eventually feel at home in the UK and for hopes and for dreams to flourish again

We are planning more National Refugee Prayer Hours, together with Glasgow Prayer Focus for Refugees and the Jubilee Plus Refugee Network. The next one will be on Saturday 5th September 2020 where we will be praying particularly for the issues surrounding those facing detention in the UK. Click here for more details and to book your place today.

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