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Welcome Churches partners with Acts 435

By 1st October 2020No Comments

Welcome Churches are delighted to announce our partnership with Acts 435 to help us see  more refugees and asylum seekers welcomed by their local churches. We are really looking forward to seeing the impact that this will have to bless refugees, asylum seekers and the UK Church. Please read below to find out more about how working with  Acts 435 could help your church welcome and support more refugees and asylum seekers in your community.

What is Acts 435?

Acts 435 is a free resource for UK churches and charities who are working with those in need, and who would like to find an additional way to help lift those individuals’ burdens. As Welcome Churches seek to inspire, equip and empower you as you open your doors to refugees, Acts 435 would also love to partner with you in order to be a financial resource as you seek to bless and support them. 

Acts 435 is primarily about meeting small, specific needs (such as a bed, clothing or utility bills), but through the financial support people have received, they have also had their self-esteem boosted and have seen God’s love in action. 

An Advocate for Acts 435 recently wrote this message, after receiving funds for a refugee family they were supporting: 

“We want to thank you for your kind support- we have purchased the dishwasher and it was installed this week. Thank you for partnering with us to bless this family. We have been building relationships with them for 3 years now and support like this is so significant. Please pray with us and for us in our ministry with them and the many others like them.” 

How does it work? 

Acts 435 is an online giving charity, directly connecting those who want to give with those in genuine need of their help. Advocates from churches and charities post requests for help to the Acts 435 website on behalf of local people in need, with a maximum value of £150. Donors then read these requests and give to them as they feel led, and 100% of each donation goes directly to the donor’s chosen recipient and their item or need. All of Act 435’s administration costs are covered by the Gift Aid from donations by tax payers. 

How can I get involved? 

It’s very easy to get started- you simply need to appoint a representative to be your Acts 435 Advocate. The appointed Advocate can be signed up and operating within a couple of days and can then immediately post requests for help to the Acts 435 website on behalf of the refugees you are seeking to support. To find out more about this free resource, or to sign up and get started now, please visit

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