Welcome Churches are committed to seeing every refugee and asylum seeker welcomed by a local church. Will you support our Christmas Appeal?

As you know, we are on a mission to see every refugee welcomed by their local church. If every church in the UK committed to welcome 3 refugees then our vision would be achieved! However, we still have a long way to go, which is why we need your help.

£50 helps one refugee to be welcomed into their local community.

Give today.

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The need for churches to be at the forefront of welcoming refugees is more important now than it ever has been. As our political climate continues to change around us, people who are forced to flee their countries in search of safety continue to get caught in the middle.

It has become normal for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK to:

  • Struggle to access English classes which increases their isolation (asylum seekers aren’t allowed to access formal English classes for the first 6 months they are in the UK).
  • Become homeless when they receive their refugee status (they are sent an eviction notice to be out of their current property in 28 days, however research has shown that it takes at least 5 weeks to receive the benefits they are entitled to and find a new property: Red Cross, 2019).
  • As asylum seekers are not allowed to work, they are more likely to become isolated and depressed.
  • If their asylum claim is refused, to either enter into a long appeals process with no end in sight, or to become homeless, not being allowed to work and not having access to any public funds.

Now, more than ever, our churches need to be places where refugees can find community, friends and family. Finding community means refugees and asylum seekers’ English language skills are more likely to improve, they’re less likely to be isolated, homeless or destitute and they are more likely to integrate and to find meaningful employment more quickly. As one doctor said to us:

‘If more churches were welcoming refugees, I would give out less antidepressants!’

Please give today, to help us see No Refugee Alone this Christmastime. £50 can help one refugee be welcomed into their local community.