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When Omid (not his real name) left the house that morning, he had no idea that he would be leaving for the last time. He had no idea that he would be kissing his wife and daughter goodbye and not see them again for over a year. Omid’s new Christian faith meant that he could no longer stay in his country. He had no choice but to flee, to trust in others, to trust in God, to find a safe place. 

Omid arrived in the UK with nothing and knowing no one.  His almost miraculous journey through the airport eventually led him to Cardiff where he was connected with a church through the Welcome Churches Welcome Network.  His journey has seen him Welcomed into the community and become part of the church family, which is not just for Sundays but part of his life.  Volunteering on Alpha courses, sharing his faith and supporting other refugees as one of Welcome Churches’ Digital Champions has seen Omid offer a Welcome to many others and share his experiences and faith.

Omid’s Welcome journey is still ongoing.  Finding a church through Welcome Churches has helped him on this journey. It has helped him to find freedom, find safety, find a community and find a welcome. 

Can you help a refugee like Omid Find their Welcome this Christmas?

How your donations help

Refugees, and especially those seeking asylum, are often isolated and alone when they arrive in a new community. Most refugees are moved around the UK a number of times before they settle (normally 3-4 times). Many are carrying trauma from both the situation they are fleeing and the journey across Europe to get to the UK. Whilst there may be practical provision from service providers, many refugees say what they need most are friends and community.

Welcome Boxes is an excellent way for newly-arrived asylum seekers and refugees to meet local people and find their way around the local area. Trained volunteers from a local church deliver a box filled with small gifts and local information to recently arrived refugees, making sure they feel welcome. The volunteers then continue to welcome the family or individual over the next three months, helping them to access support available to them and linking them into the community. Welcome Boxes is so much more than just a box!